"Ashland, Oregon —alongside the California border, where the palm trees meet the pines and where two Californians and two Oregonians came together as The Juniper Berries. The band started as the brainchild of Joshua Stirm after his previous punk band fell apart. Stirm aimed to create richer and less tonally relentless material with more dynamics and complexity. The Juniper Berries started off as a solo project by Stirm; with the EP, Baby Face —a set of trepidation-ridden pop songs that consisted of overdubbed harmonies and instrumentation on a four-track tape recorder. Over a year later, the band matured into a four piece group with denser textures, involved harmonic and rhythmic interplay, and more scrutinous recording practices. The Juniper Berries sound can be described as ironic glam-garage pop infused with elements of harmonic modality and inspired by psych and krautrock."