Congratulations to BOOM! for being an official selection for SXSW!!!
They'll be down in Austin kicking it with Guantanamo Baywatch,
White Fang, and The Memories.

Mythological Horses debut album is now out! Recorded by Tad Doyle, mixed at Organica Recordings by Andrew Crowley. Mastered by Jack Endino with cover art by Pat Moriarity. Available in pink or white vinyl!
Also they just finished a video for the song COLD HEART

The 2014 Hovercraft Showcase is gonna be on January 10th at the Star Theater in Portland, Oregon. Featuring Hornet Leg, Charts,
LA DRUGZ, Sealion (TX), Burnt Thrones Club (OAK), Vasas (SAC), and Mythological Horses (SEA) DOWNLOAD THE MIX TAPE HERE

L.A. Drugz have a song in the move The Lifeguard staring Kristen Bell.
Check out the Repo Man inspired video for OUTSIDE PLACE

Big in France...Cafeteria Dance Fever will be heading out for a west coast + southwest U.S. tour in the summer and then onward for their fifth European tour in October 2013.

Cafeteria Dance fever wraped up a video shoot with the help of a lot of friends (thanks to Ken from Dirt Nap for taking a carrot to the chest!) Filmed by Bret Roberts, watch the video for NIGHT OF THE LEPUS

Hovercraft is joining forces with Slop Bop records to release a 7" with Oakland's garage rock juggernaut Cum Stain. Watch the video for CHALLANGER DISASTER (A LOVE STORY)

Shot on location in east Portland, Hey Lover released a new video, filmed by Bret Roberts, for OUR HEADS IN A HOLE

The Bugs got a new video up for SHE SAID NO (YEAH-YEAH)

L.A. Drugz
Outside Place
12" EP

Mythological Horses
Mytholgoical Horses
12" pink or white


Hornet Leg
Wrecking Ball
12" EP

Cafeteria Dance Fever
...With Love
Double 7"

The No Tomorrow Boys
Bad Luck Baby
Put The Jinx On Me
12" white or black

Burnt Thrones Club // A Volcano
Split 7"

Nucular Aminals
Alice Day