A Volcano Guantanamo Baywatch
  AUTORACE Hey Lover Psychomagic
Hornet Leg Sealion
Howie and The Hot Knives RETRASERES
Jimi Was Gain Sleepwalkers R.I.P.
Sonic Angels
Les Meatles Spagguetta Orghasmmond
  Burnt Thrones Club The Lovesores Stinky Pinky's
  Cafeteria Dance Fever Maria Goretti Quartet Suicide Notes
  Charts Suspect Parts
  Clorox Girls Ugly Stick
  Courtney and the Crushers Mole People Unik Ubik
  Cum Stain Mythological Horses Vicious Dreams
  The Dumpies No Tomorrow Boys Welcome Home Walker
  The Fingersmiths Nucular Aminals Welsh Bowmen
  The Furcoats Pataha Hiss White Fang